Tuesday, April 23, 2013

OBIEE11g:Error: "Access denied for user to path

OBIEE11g:Error: "Access denied for user to path /users/xxxx" when accessing User Folders under Catalog Root as BI Administrator

Cause: The 'User Folders' under the Catalog Root already has Full Control permissions for the BI Administrator role for the user when the user is logged into OBI as biadmin and is accessing the Catalog page in Admin View.
The issue occurs because the permissions are not applied to sub-folders and sub-folder items within the actual user's folders in 'User Folders'.


  1. Login as biadmin user and in the global header click on Catalog. Catalog page will be displayed.
  2. Select the Admin View from the drop down in the Catalog page.

  3. Under Catalog Root, click on User Folders(root folder of users, not folders inside the User Folders), and click on "Permissions for User Folders" (under Tasks).
  4. You should already see BI Administrator Role with Full Control permissions.
    Select 'Apply permissions to sub-folders' and 'Apply permissions to items within folder'. Click Ok.

  1. Now try to access any of the user's folder under User Folders.
    biadmin user or any other user who has BI Administrator Role should be able to access individual user folders under the 'User Folders' in this Admin View.

The same functionality using Catalog Manager

  1. Open the catalog offline mode using Catalog Manager
  2. Select the specific folder and right click and select Permissions
    Select 'Apply Recursively' then 'Replace All'. Click Ok.

Satya Ranki Reddy


  1. I have tried this and it gives me the Access denied message when trying to Apply Recursively.

  2. Hello Satya,

    This would replace the individual user permissions. We should not be doing this.