Thursday, May 16, 2013

OBIEE Software Installation

OBIEE11. Software Only Installation on Windows 7 64bit

I have seen there are so many people getting difficulty with installing obiee11g on windows 7 32/64 bit Home/ultimate/pro edition, after 3 attempts i just make it work obiee11. as well obiee11. (simple/software only installation type) got working fine.

While 1st and 2nd time installation and configuration duration have faced below issues,

Creating domain failed, configuration getting hang over and Admin Server/opmn failed kind of issues. After checking oracle documents and uninstall and reinstall several times then i found the solution for above issues due to java unable to find it web logic domain creation steps, and there is problem with antivirus block to hosts on windows 7 Sony laptop after correcting this things then it’s got working fine with 1st attempt itself. I just sharing this steps with screen short

Prerequisites for OBIEE 11g:

1) OBIEE11g & RCU Software Download:

OBIEE11. you can download the software from the Oracle Technology Network (OTN). also downloads RCU11. 32bit /64 bit for installing MDS/DEV_BIPLATFORM Schema.

once you complete the download the downloaded files will stored like below root structure(note: once complete the download please confirm fully downloaded double check this size sometimes the network problem it may be corrupted.

Java download:

I just download jdk-7u21-windows-x64.exe 64bit version

And then installed jave like below path
C:\Java\jdk1.7.0_21\ bin
C:\Java\jre7 \bin
System Requirements:

System Configuration:

Windows 7 Home Premium/Ultimate/Professional Edition
System Type: 32/64 bit operating system
Disk Space 20GB or higher
Physical Memory Min 4GB and above
Temp Space 1GB
Swap Space 3GB
CPU & Processor: Intel dual-core i3/i5/i7 64 Bit, 2.10GHz or greater
Internet Explorer 8 or Google chrome/Mozilla/firebox etc..

Other Requirements

Environmental Variables TEMP and TMP (make sure this root folder should not keep any space)

Install Loopback Adapter with Static IP AddressNote: hots/host/etc file the static ip should be set like below

# localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself.

192.168.19 localhost satya-PC

(IP address host domain name host/computer name)

JDK 7 version (64bit)
Adobe Flash Player 10 and above
Oracle Database or higher

WebLogic Installation:

Web logic 64bit download and kept it like below path (u can also use web logic 10.3.5 but you to install jdk 1.6)

Note: weblogic 10.3.5 jdk 7 not supported.
you can download weblogic 10.3.5/6 by using below screen,


Web logic 10.3.5/6 64bit installation must run like below

go --> windows --->type run ==> cmd prompt -->
Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
C:\>cd C:\Java\jdk1.7.0_21\ bin
C:\Java\jdk1.7.0_21\ bin >java -D64 -jar D:\OBIEE111160\wls1036_generic.jar

Note: weblogic 10.3.6 64bit installtion u need to use above command.

Weblogic 64 bit installation steps on windows 7:

click next and select Middleware (weblogic server) installation drive (note:make sure you have 20GB free hard disk space )

click next

click next and select no ,

 uncheck and click next,

uncheck and check configuration this machine,

just select installtion type as "typical" by this step u can install selective weblogic installation settup files.


if its correctly pointing java path then its automattically picked up here..

 just click next and...



 finish installation completed...

RCU Installation Step

just go to you rcu downloaded path ...

D:\OBIEE111170\rcuHome\BIN\rcu.bat and run as Administrator the select radio button as below screen...

RCU installation please refer my blog.

OBIEE11. Software Only installation type on windows 7 64bit 

Go to you obiee11g download saved file path mine is like below C:\OBIEE111170\bishiphome\Disk1\setup.exe run as administrator and click next...

click Finish...

OBIEE11. Configuration Steps:

click next ...C:\Oracle\Oracle_BI1\bin\config.bat and run as "Adminstrator"

Here you have give weblogic username password.

Note: Please remember this username and password.

Don't change any thing here. Please keep it as default.

RCU username and password you have to specify here.

For check the Bi Components status via OPMN Command..

All the services are running or not.

 Good Luck!!!!!

Satya Ranki Reddy


  1. Hi,
    I made all the steps above but I still receiving the "Domain creating" error message. I have a Windows 7 64bit dell laptop and the same java that you mentioned in the article.

  2. Hi Moreira,

    You can check the below link.

    Make sure below steps.
    1. System hostname don’t include space or special characters.
    2. You can uninstall antivirus and try to install.
    3. Please cross check java path
    4. You have to define static ip.
    Hope this help’s


  3. Thanks Satya. There was an underscore in the hostname.

  4. thanks satya,
    installation successful but not able to restart services after restarting the system.
    do we need to change any settings/

  5. hi sathya,

    I followed your screen shots as i am new to obiee 11g and installed successfully. After my installation, Analytics opened and i checked the reports. But now when i try to open the analytics, my friend helped me and he said that i dont have BI_server 1 and admin server folders in C:\mw\wlserver_10.3\server.

    could you please help me regarding the issue.


  6. Hi Sathya,

    I installed the OBIEE following those instructions but now I need install the OBIEE with simple installation type because use less memory. I'am receiving back the "create domain" error. Do you know how can I resolve this issue?


  7. HI Lenardo,

    Did you install same system or another system? Please confirm.

    1. If you install same system then you need to uninstall proper way and need to clean register as well otherwise you will get create domain error.


  8. I installed in the same system. I will try uninstall and clean the register. Thanks a lot!

  9. Stya, I uninstalled the OBIEE following the procedures below and the create domain error still. Do you have any idea? Thanks, a lot

    1. Weblogic uninstall
    2. OBIEE uninstall
    3. C:\Oracle\middleware\oracle_common\oui\bin\setup.exe -deinstall -jreLoc C:\Java\jdk1.7.0_21
    4. I cleaned the registers into h_key_local_machine -> system -> services (into h_key_local_machine -> software -> oracle was already cleaned)
    5. I removed the repository databases with the rcu tool

    1. Hi,

      Please ensure below steps.

      Plz check my blog for simple installation.

      Note. For simple installation no need weblogic installation because it is inbuild.

      Plz cross check uninstall process. Plz refer below link.


    2. still giving the same creating domain error

  10. Hi Satya,
    Myself Sreekanth Reddy, While I doing the installation of Obiee, I facing these issue. Please find below.

    I have downloaded Obiee for window 64 bit and RCU

    From RCU software I have created BIFLATFORM and MDS instances.

    After I installing obiee software I first few step ok. After installing Tab I getting these scenarios.

    Installation Failed. Prepare Session failed OUI-10185:Unable to copy 'D:/OBIEE111170/bishiphome/Disk1/install/win64/../../stage/Queries/generalQueries/' to 'D:\bi11g\oracle_common\Oracle_BI1/inventory/Queries21/generalQueries/'. OUI-10186:The source file 'D:/OBIEE111170/bishiphome/Disk1/install/win64/../../stage/Queries/generalQueries/' does not exist.

    Kindly do needful.

    1. Hi sreekanth,

      Error seems some of jar files are missing in your software dump. Can you check ur software size with oracle link. I assume software could not download properly.

  11. I want to install obiee simple installation.....In i faced the problem of create domain step failure...seems it will occur in this version also....As you mentioned there was an issues with JAVA and Antivirus...please provide the steps of how you addressed those issues.

    Ur help was greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi

      Please refer below link.


  12. Mr. Satya, is is mandatory to install Weblogic Server to install OBIEE on our Laptop machines?
    Or can we procedd to OBIEE s/w installation after RCU ?

    1. Hi anil,

      Yes, You have to install weblogic for software installation.

  13. Hi Satya,

    This is Vinod and i installed OBIEE on my personal laptop in Windows 7 Home Basic Environment.
    Iam facing problem, all Servers are running fine and iam unable to generate Reports from Analytics Page using Google Chrome.
    when selecting the option NEW to create report there was no reponse.
    Help me out on this.

    1. Hi vinod,

      Try to open different browser


    2. Hi Satya........

      Iam facing the same issue in all browsers Mozila, IE & Chrome..........

    3. What error your getting while createing report?.

    4. Hi Satya.....

      iam not getting any error message.....when i select the NEW option to create a report....
      the page get refreshed and stay in the same page.............when iam selecting
      CATALOG option, it keep processing and even iam not getting the catalog screen........

      Please help me on this.....

    5. Hi Vinod,

      Even I am facing this issue ? Have you resolved the issue ?

      Please let me know.

      Pavan Ch

  14. Hi Satya,

    I have tried to install simple installation.

    I did loopback adaptor, Removed spaces in temp folders created java environment variable and disabled the anti virus.

    Still i am unable to complete the configuration. getting thecreat domain error..

    Please help.

    1. Did u verified below link?

    2. Yes Satya,

      I have followed the same which you have mentioned in the Creating Domain steps .

      These are the steps i have followed.

      1.Installed Oacle database 11gR2 64 bit version.
      2.Installed Java (JDK 7) win 64 bit.
      3.Created RCU
      4.Before OBIEE installation i have cleared the spaces in the temp paths, Created Java environment variables, Installed loop back adapter, disabled the security settings.

      Can you please check here after installing the loop back adaptor these are the entries i have in my host file.
      ( localhost username.Domainname)) Is it correct?

      5) After all these steps i started the OBIEE installation as an Administrator.

      Got the error during the domain creation.

      Can i have missed out any steps ?.Please Help.

  15. Hi Satya,

    Thank you for the information in your blog.
    I have this error when running configuration assistant, Update BI Domain :

    specified domain cannot be used for scale out BI system
    Encountered the following unexpected type=ScaleOutSupport

    I have checked my loopback adapter, invoke startweblogic and try to rerun config.bat but still have the same issue.
    Have I missed some step?
    Do you know where the log for trace that error?

    Thank you

  16. Thank you so much!! I successfully installed OBI:)

  17. Thank you very much Satya ! Your blog with the steps was the most informative of all materials I searched on the internet. You were right - one needs to install Weblogic first before doing any of the OBIEE installation. Also thanks for the command to check if the OBIEE services are up and running using Windows command prompt. That is really useful when you restart your laptop and find you are not able to log into your OBIEE.

  18. Hi Sathya,

    First you Installed Weblogic Server then you installed OBIEE using software Installation.
    Same thing I did and I have some questions.
    when we install weblogic it will take 7001 port and After OBIEE installation I am not able to see BI_Server1 componet under 7001 its took 7003. can you please let me know why it happened.

  19. Great Post. Detailed screen by screen steps helped my install OBIEE successfully. Thanks for the post.

  20. Hi Sathya,

    My office Computer domain name is having office domain information, like example . Can I still install obiee 11g on this type of machine. Will this cause any Create Domain problem at Step 14 of 15 step. Thanks for your inputs.


  21. Dear Satya Sir,

    I have followed every single step without missing anything. But at Creating Domain Configuration Process, installation never proceeds and hangs.

    I have configured Loopback Adapters.
    Taken care of the Static IP stuff.
    Taken care of Temp and Environmental variable stuff.
    JDK 1.6 32-bit as Weblogic is
    Windows 7 64bit with 8GB RAM.

    Request you to advice me as I am doing this since last two days with no progress.

    Best regards,

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    Thank you
    Aalia lyon

  23. HI sir my installation is stuck at BI publisher and the rest of installation is done it is stuck at 82%

  24. Hi Satya, thanks for the informative post, the installation went successful for me doing this way, using the software only install and doing the configurations later. initially i was also getting stuck at the domain creation step.
    All other for whom this is still not working, the cause might be that the simple install is not uninstalled properly, there were few things to note here: if your OBI install is not getting uninstalled use the following command:
    C:\Oracle\Middleware\oracle_common\oui\bin\setup.exe -deinstall -jreLoc C:\Java\jdk1.6.0_32\jre (oui location will change based on your install location).
    The weblogic server that gets installed as part of the simple install can be uninstalled using
    execute the uninstall.jar file by running the command, java -jar uninstall.jar after locating the install location for weblogic server.