Friday, May 17, 2013

Excel Customize Download Link

Excel Customize Download Link

I have seen several posts in OTN forum download into excel link the top.


I have implemented OBIEE version.

  • Go to your Dashboard page just right click on dashboard and select 'View Source' option to view the source code 
  •  Search ".xls" or "NQWClearActiveMenu" it then Once located, copy the content of onclick (corresponding to its hyperlink tag) to a notepad. The content of onClick would look something like below.
Note: First you have enable the report links in your dashboard.


  • Now place a 'text object' on the dashboard above the report, open properties, check 'Contain HTML Markup' option and put the code as show below:html on click download link syntax like below so make your above copied code like below,

<a href="javascript:void(null)" " onclick="NQWClearActiveMenu();Download('saw.dll?Go&amp;ViewID=d%3adashboard%7ep%3ake0mnhbftka5mem6%7er%3a0m368e7bt09nep57&amp;Action=Download&amp;SearchID=qs1tgpnr8ejl898fp3n1m0nvu6&amp;Style=FusionFx&amp;PortalPath=%2fshared%2fWrite%2f_portal%2fsatyawritedashboard&amp;Page=page%201&amp;ViewState=66s43b8m2mgd2bou8b1r6lueqq&amp;ItemName=Test&path=%2fshared%2fWrite%2fTest&Format=mht&Extension=.xls');return false">Export</a>

Preview and now you can able see a link named Export.

Hope this help's

Satya Ranki Reddy


  1. How can I include the analysis title with this download?

  2. HI Satya,

    This works but when you migrate the dashboard or report to other environments the link doesn't work as the search Id and other view state in the tag place are changed. Is there any workaround for that??
    I would really appreciate any suggestions.