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I am Satya Ranki Reddy, BI and DW professional; I have been working with OBIEE and ODI from couple of years with one of the Data warehouse company. This Blog is my attempt to share my knowledge with the world. I will write here as often as I can about whatever I come across in the BI and DW space. Also please visit http://satyaobieesolutions.blogspot.in where my colleagues often contribute at.


  1. Hello Satya,

    Thanks for your posts.Its more helpful. I have couple of questions on 11g.
    1. In general we will use Loop back adapter if install on DHCP machine where IP address getting. If we install on Virtual machine which always has static ip. do we need Loop back adapter here..
    2. In one your post, no need to install external JDK, since obiee has built in JDK option. can you please give more information.

    my name is Venkat mail id is venkatkr.g@gmail.com. Please add me or give your gmail id. Thanks for help.

  2. hi satya :

    can you pls send me ur email id.

  3. Hi..Satya...RAnki Reddy
    in which company you work sir???

  4. Hi........
    This is one of the best blog...

    Thank u sharing the concepts.......


  5. Hi satya
    i am new in the obiee
    i want to know how the test the reports means after getting result how to test,,,,how to know that report result correct or not ,,,,how to compare database

  6. Hi Satya
    I have l OBIEE 11g installation problem. I install up to 98 percent and prompt message installation successful. After that start Starting execution of post install scripts and this stage progress bar stop at 98 percent. I wait up to 400 min but no progress. Please give me solution to install OBIEE because it is very important for me.

  7. Hi Satya,
    I need to show date as '02/11/2011 11:59:00 PM' instead '02/11/2011 12:00:00 AM' on my dashboard prompts. is it possible?
    When we choose a date from the prompts by default it shows AM , i want to chage it to PM.