Saturday, September 8, 2012

OBIEE Directing a user to a default dashboard

One of our customers wanted the OBIEE users after login directed to a default dashboard based on the department they work in. First we created a view containing P_USER, DEPARTMENT and PORTALPATH.

In the variable manager we created an initialization block

We connected this to a session variable called PORTALPATH. This is a OBIEE reserved word so will get a warning, just ignore it.

You need to restart the BI-server and the presentationserver!
Let’s try it:


It identifies the default dashboard the user sees when logging in (the user can override this preference after logged on here: Settings → My Account → Preferences → “Default Dashboard”).
Steps to create PORTALPATH system session variable
Find the path of the dashboard where you want to default it for every user.
You can find it in Oracle Business Intelligence – Catalog Manager

Open in online mode, provide the answer URL path
Provide the Administrator user and password
The catalog will open the current catalog folder list.

Navigate to shared folder, open the dashboard folder group and open the dashboard page which you want to default the page.
Copy the path above
Create a system session variable with initialization like below

Give the statement as select ‘/shared/India/_portal/Santosh_New’ from dual
Single quote is mandatory.
Create the variable target as PORTALPATH (can’t give any other name as it is reserved)
Test it
Save and close the Admin tool
Logon to Answers (presentation services) with any users, the default page will open as given in the variable.

The users can change it on the settings – my account to set any default page.


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