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Hardware and Software System Requirement for OBIEE 11g

Hardware and Software System Requirement for OBIEE 11g

1.0 Oracle Business Intelligence Requirements
This section contains important information for the system on which you are installing Oracle Business Intelligence and the database containing the schemas.
1.1 Installation System Requirements
Refer the below link for latest hardware and software system requirement for OBIEE11g.

Below are the recommended hardware and system configuration requirements for an
Oracle Business Intelligence installation on 32-bit Windows operating systems:
Hardware Requirement:
1. Disk Space: 20GB or more
2. Available Memory: 4GB or more
3. Temp Space: 950MB or more
4. Swap Space: 3GB or more
5. CPU: dual-core Pentium, 1.5GHz or greater
Software Requirement:
1. OS: Windows Xp SP2  above version
2. Microsoft .Net Frame Work 3.5 SP2 above
3. OBIEE 11g latest Version
4. RCU(Repository Creation Utility
5. MS SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

2.0 Database Requirements
Below are the recommended disk space requirements for the database containing the
Oracle Business Intelligence Scheduler database tables.
 500MB on Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases for standalone and Business Intelligence applications and deployments.
 500MB on IBM DB2 databases for standalone deployments.
3.0 RCU Supported Platforms
RCU is available only on 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating system platforms. You can run RCU from these machines to connect to Microsoft SQL Server database in order to create the 20 schemas required by Fusion Middleware components. The database server can be running on any platform that is supported by its respective database.
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