Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oracle BI EE – Customizing Login Screen

I thought of picking up an older forum question for my blog entry today. The question is how do we go about customizing BI EE login screen? BI EE login screen primarily works (from the UI perspective) using the following style, stylesheets and XML messages.
1.   Logon.css – Stylesheet that sets the font sizes, background color etc
2.   LogonControlMessages.xml
3.   LogonMessages.xml
4.   ProductMessages.xml
5.   Utilmessages.xml
6.   sk_oracle10 – Base skin which provides the images for the login screen.
The login image of the login screen comes from the bglogon.jpg (this would be present in your base skin i.e {OracleBI}\web\app\res\sk_oracle10\b_mozilla_4.
In order to modify the above image, just create a new skin and put a new image under the same name as bglogon.jpg. For creating a new skin, check my blog entry here
The word Oracle Business Intelligence comes from the kmsgProductGeneral message in ProductMessages.xml (This file would be under {OracleBI}\web\msgdb\l_en\messages )
“Please enter your User ID and Password below, and then press the Log In button.” – This comes from kmsgAuthenticateRequestedContentRequiresLogon message of the logonmessages.xml (This file is present under {OracleBI}\web\msgdb\l_en\messages ).
The UserID, Password and the Login button all come from a message called kmsgLogonLanguageForm in logoncontrolmessages.xml (This file would be present under {OracleBI}\web\msgdb\messages).
Lastly the copyright messages come from the message kmsgNQuireLegalCopyright in utilmessages.xml (This file would be present under {OracleBI}\web\msgdb\l_en\messages).
Just a word of note: Some images like “Powered By Oracle” logo should not be modified since they would violate the license agreement. The above should give you an idea of the list of messages/images that you need to modify to get your desired customization.

Satya Ranki Reddy

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  1. Hi Satya Ranki Reddy,

    Thanks for the above information. I was actually knowing this information but I have a peculiar problem. I don't know whether you can throw some light on this.

    I wanted a custom logo to appear in my login and logoff screens. My logo is 286 x 101px against oracle's which is 119x25px. So my logo is getting squeezed in oracle window size. Now I went to logoncontrolmessages.xml and changed the table 'branding' size to match my logo size. But it is not changing it in the browsers. Could you please advise how to resolve this issue?