Sunday, June 10, 2012

Agent _Mail Configuration for OBIEE 11g

Before sending dashboard reports as mailing contents in iBots we have to configure the mailing details.

We have to configure in two xml files.

  1. instanceconfig.xml
  2. biee-domain.xml

1. instanceconfig.xml

The instanceconfig.xml file will be located in the fallowing path

BI installation Drive\instances\instance1\config\OracleBISchedulerComponent\ coreapplication_obisch1

The below screen shot gives the information about instanceconfig.xmlbefore configuration


Provide SMTP Server and Sender Details in xml file as specified below

SMTP Server as under the tag<SMTP_Server>localhost</SMTP_Server>

Sender as under the tag<Sender></Sender>

The below screen shot gives the information about instanceconfig.xml after configuration

2. biee-domain.xml

The biee-domain.xml file will be located in the fallowing path

BI installation Drive\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\config\fmwconfig

The below screen shot gives the information about biee-domain.xml before configuration


Provide smtpServerName and emailAddressOfSender in xml file as specified below

smtpServerName as

emailAddressOfSender as

The below screen shot gives the information about biee-domain.xml after configuration


After completion for configuring instanceconfig.xml and biee-domain.xml mails we have to deploy the mail details in Enterprise Manager under the link http://localhost:7001/em as below

Restart OPMN services

In Presentation click on NEW and select Agentunder the section Actionable Intelligence

In General select the Priority as Normal and Specified user weblogic.


The above selected details will come by default when we click on Agent. If it requires any changes change according to the requirement and proceed to next tab Schedule


In Schedule tab select the Frequency and click on Condition Tab


If we have any condition then we have to click on select condition for specifying condition.

 Select the Delivery Content and delivery Format.


Select the Recipients for sending Delivery Content.


We are sending Delivery Content as a mail. Click on Add mail Recipient.
Enter your Recipients mail ids.

Click on OK.

Then newly added Recipients will be appeared.


Select the destinations to where the Agent will be delivered.

Select Actions when the Agent completes the task.

The below screen shot gives an overview about newly created Agent before saving our modifications.

Click on Save button to save Agent

The below screen shot gives an overview about newly created Agent after saving our modifications.

Click on Run Agent Now to view the results

Then it will displays like below screen shot.


After processing then it will display the message according to the delivered status.

You can find delivered mail in your mail id. you can observe From Address and Subject and Attachment Note.

Satya Ranki Reddy


  1. thanks for your post, i have one question for you, why do we need to edit instanceconfig.xml, biee-domain.xml files manually, i think we can set these
    settings through fusion middle ware?

  2. HI Satya,

    Please provide step by step instructions on How to configure agents in Obiee 11g (Lynix OS).